If you're just starting out on uke or guitar or songwriting or you've been at it awhile, online lessons can be a great and effective forum to learn an instrument and develop your skills.  I've been teaching online lessons for about 7 years now (via Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom) and have taught a wide range of students (ages, skill levels, stylistic preferences, etc.) and they've worked out well.  And anything needing or benefiting from visual aids (Word docs with printed instructions, photos, illustrations, videos, etc.)  is utilized to enhance and round out the instruction.  I'm running a Buy 4, Get The 5th lesson free special (from now thru December) and you can choose Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.  Prices are $30 for a half hour lesson, $35 for a 40 minute lesson or $40 for a one-hour lesson.  Payments are made via QuickPay or PayPal.  All lesson times are on a first-come, first-served basis, so please email before you pre-pay to make sure your day and time slot is open.  For more info on my teaching background and reviews, please visit my Music Instruction page here on my website.


For much of 2019 I was busy working on the music for the pilot episode of "Outside The Box," an independently-produced sit-com. 

The show's production team initially contracted me to write a theme song, but it was so well received that they asked me to do all of the music.  That was a fun creative endeavor, as I got to write in a variety of styles, including Americana, jazz, blues, and funk.  I played all of the instruments and wrote and produced all the cues and songs. 

The twist to this show is that it's a dramatic comedy about a group of homeless people.  I was a bit dubious at first, as this seemed to be a controversial and perhaps insensitive pairing, especially considering  how pervasive and troubling homelessness has become.  But one of the "selling points" that helped convince me to participate in the project was that the producers reached out to some homelessness organizations and gotten their encouragement.   And the more I thought about it, I felt that a comedy actually might draw a broader viewing audience in and serve as a unique and formidable vehicle to increase awareness about this important issue. Time will tell. 

The pilot is currently being shopped to various programming entities who could potentially it and/or order additional episodes. It's also being entered in select film festivals.  And while I can't post the entire pilot episode of the show here on my site,  I have posted some links below that will get you to (unlisted) YouTube videos of a few of the scenes from the pilot:

Opening scene: 

Box and urn scene: 

The Transformation scene: 

Free Escort Service scene, seguing into Consolation scene:

Ben In Review scene with credit crawl (ending):

For more information on "Outside The Box," please visit the official website for the show @

And if you're in need of unique, high-quality music for your project, please get in touch by using the Contact button on my site or just send an email to

Uke Planet's wonderful review of The Ukulele Project" 

Uke Planet, a well-regarded ukulele music review website based in the UK, just reviewed my album, "The Ukulele Project."                 I've been fortunate to receive quite a few gracious accolades about my 4 previous albums, but the kudos in this review easily eclipses them all.                 

It's a very gratifying feeling to put your work out there and have it generate such a glowing write-up.                                                   Many thanks to reviewer Mike Flaherty and Uke Planet.

Click to read the review:


The Ukulele Project CD 

My ukulele-centered album, The Ukulele Project, is now out there in the digital marketplace and available to preview and purchase at iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, and other online music vendors.  The styles represented are quite varied, much as they were on my previous releases. The main difference on this release is that the uke takes center stage and is heard in styles not typically associated with the instrument, such as jazz, blues, reggae, R&B, folk, country-pop and more.  You can listen to some snippets in the audio section here on my website or at my artist page on Apple Music:

Another great, one-stop-has-it-all place to check out all the tunes on the album and related links is my HearNow page:

By the way, 2 of the tunes on the album were Finalists in the 2017 UK Songwriting Contest.  One song was in the Blues/Jazz category and the other song in the Inspirational category. And while that genre is not one I frequently write in, but in these trying times we live in, I felt a need to write something to give people some inspiration and hope. 





Jeff's song, "Teach Love", on Catch & Release Soundtrack album 

My song, "Teach Love", is featured in the Catch & Release video game and corresponding soundtrack album, available on iTunes and Apple Music.  The song can also be heard in its entirety on the YouTube video that is viewable here on my site.  Kudos and bravo to the Catch & Release powers-that-be for choosing a song with an incredibly important message for the times we live in.  Please check it out:

"Space Station 13509" cover and music video 

I got a nice surprise a couple months ago when, out-of-the-blue, I heard from a British singer/songwriter who heard my song, "Space Station 13509" on in-store radio in the UK.  Andy contacted me about recording the tune and doing a video and he came up with a cool acoustic take on it that you can check out here:

And if you dug the tune and are curious to hear my fully-produced track of the song, it's on my Truthteller album (available from CDBaby and iTunes, etc.).  You can also check out my music video of it with this link: