The Ukulele Project

Jeff Saxon

An album with a lot of heart, soul and great original ukulele-based tunes on it; spanning a wide variety of styles including pop, soft rock, blues, reggae, bossa nova, R&B-Pop, and more.

"The Ukulele Project” is the debut ukulele-centric album release from award-winning singer-songwriter, Jeff Saxon. The 11 tracks not only accentuate Saxon's formidable talent as a songwriter/composer, but also shed light on his uke skills and instrumental and vocal versatility. The result is an impressive, highly-enjoyable set where bossa-nova, reggae, folk, pop, R&B, and blues tunes co-habitate beautifully and flow seamlessly from start to finish.

The smile-inducing opener, "Just The Thing To Put The Spring Back In You", sets the perfect tone for what's to come, with its relaxed and inviting jazz-bossa groove and tasteful playing by Saxon and keyboardist-percussionist-co-producer, Pat O'Donnell.

Another standout is "Slinkety Slank", an immediately-engaging and fun uptempo instrumental which artfully melds funk, blues and smooth jazz. Funky bass work from producer Keith Jones (Keb' Mo, Santana, etc.) and retro-hip, Billy Preston-esque organ from notable L.A. keyboardist Joey Navarro, really make this track cook.

There are also 2 very strong ballads; "Never Passé", with its heart-tugging theme of eternal commitment, and "Look For A Light", with its haunting hook and poignant words of comfort and solace for the increasingly turbulent times in which we live.

The album also contains a potential Christmas classic in "The Gift Of You", which touchingly tells about what's most important when it comes to giving holiday presents.

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A Ukulele's All I Need

Jeff Saxon

"A Ukulele's All I Need" is a fun, bluesy, timeless tune, in which the singer joyfully tells of his wonderful bond with the ukulele.

"A Ukulele's All I Need" is the new digital single and debut ukulele release from singer/songwriter/guitarist, Jeff Saxon. This smile-inducing song celebrates Saxon's newfound musical connection with his 4-string friend and is in the spirit of timeless American songsmiths such as Hoagy Carmichael, Cole Porter and Randy Newman. Saxon's melodic and chordally-rich uke work draws listeners in from the get-go, as does his impassioned, but easy-going bluesy vocal. Yet the feel-good scene-stealer is clearly the song, which even prior to its commercial release has caught the attention of the judges at the 2015 UK Songwriting Contest, who named it a Semi-Finalist in the Acoustic/Folk category (with final results still to come).
Saxon, no stranger to songwriting awards, has won Best Music Video honors at three international film festivals, including the 2012 World Independent Music and Film Festival in Washington, D.C. Those are in addition to dozens of other song contest awards he's garnered over the years. The audio release of "A Ukulele's All I Need" on iTunes (and other online music vendors) has a brand new corresponding music video, filmed in Saxon's home state of New Jersey. It can be viewed on Saxon's YouTube channel, JeffSaxonMusic.
Saxon stated that a ukulele EP or album release is also in the works in the coming months.

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Jeff Saxon

A unique and compelling blend of blues, jazz, and bossa nova.

In the spirit of multi-genre musical mixologists such as Sting, Jamie Cullum and Joe Jackson, comes vocal stylist, guitarist and songwriter, Jeff Saxon, on his new CD release, Blujanova.

Casting his own unique vocal and stylistic amalgam, Saxon's magical melding of blues, jazz and bossa nova is as much hip and sophisticated as it is soulful and gritty. Along with 7 first-rate Saxon originals, this smile-inducing and spirit-lifting collection features refreshingly unexpected reworkings of 3 seminal blues, rock and soul standards: "Hound Dog", "Riders On The Storm" and "I Got You (I Feel Good)". Tasteful keyboard work and captivating Latin-tinged rhythmic arrangements by producer Michael McGregor help catapult these iconic songs to jazzy and Brazilian places they've never been before.

On the source of inspiration behind Blujanova, Saxon explains: "While my dad introduced me to Brazilian music as a kid, the idea to merge the styles didn't come until a couple of years ago when I was a finalist in the Acoustic Blues Competition at the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival in Colorado. All of us had to play a rendition of "Hound Dog", but feeling a bit constrained by the song's 3 major chords, I injected in some jazz and bossa nova chords, bluesified the vocal melody and emerged with a version I really bonded with. And while I didn't win the contest, I felt I emerged with an even better 'prize' because it led me to Blujanova".

And while the covers shine brightly, so do the Saxon-penned songs, such as "Yes Is My Favorite Word", the endearing and autobiographical, "Bossa Nova Boy", ultra-sensual "The Afterlove" and the stunningly beautiful and hypnotic instrumental, "Waiting For Lily", which features Stevie Wonder's percussionist, Munyungo Jackson and a sublime fretless solo by former Santana bassist, Keith Jones.

The blujanova style also lends itself perfectly to Saxon's soothing and emotive vocals. IAE Magazine (I Am Entertainment), in reviewing Jeff's previous "Truthteller" CD, wrote that Saxon possessed “a great voice” and a reviewer at Minor 7th took it even further by calling it "a voice that is utterly disarming...”.

Jeff is a NJ native, but lived and performed in Los Angeles for many years, where he worked in the studio or shared stages with well-known jazz artists such as Dave Koz, Norman Brown, and jazz/fusion group, Hiroshima. Jeff has performed at numerous music festivals and his musical talents have drawn praise from a diverse list of public figures, including Quincy Jones and former President Clinton. He's also appeared at film festivals such as the 2012 World Music And Independent Film Festival (winning for Best Rock Music Video) and the Philadelphia Music and Film Festival.

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Jeff Saxon

Adult contemporary, but with a melting pot of styles, with an emphasis on blues, country-pop, old school R&B, vocal jazz, and soft rock. Fans of Keb' Mo', Eric Clapton, James Taylor, Paul Carrack, or Jamie Cullum should enjoy this album.

Haunting melodies, relatable lyrical themes and impassioned performances abound on “Truthteller”, the
third release by Jeff Saxon. While Saxon’s music may evade simplistic one-genre classification, his songs consistently evoke melodic beauty, lyrical depth and unwavering songwriting acumen. The themes of the songs here are often self-searching and profound; addressing the joys, frustrations and perplexities of life,
loss and love.

Yet despite the breadth of styles represented, Saxon exhibits an uncanny knack for seamlessly transporting himself and his listeners through a wide palette of sounds. From the soul-pop opener, “So Many
Possibilities” to pop-reggae (“No Worries Tonight” and “My Own Island”) to A/C (the achingly beautiful ballad, “Even If I Lived On the Moon”) to the chilling paean of a battle-ravaged soldier returning home
(“March On Bravely”) to the Claptonesque blues-rock title cut. But there are many other memorable and often riveting tracks, such as the cool Steely Dan influenced standout, “Space Station 13509” and the urbane, yet gritty blues numbers “Bring It On” and “Ainthatamuthafuhya”. There’s even a light-hearted jazz piece, “Bring Somethin’ To The Table”, which brings to mind the best work of Maria Muldaur, Harry Connick Jr. and John Sebastian. James Taylor fans and finger-style guitar aficionados will take note of Saxon’s deft touch and jazzily urbane chord voicings. Those fond of artists such as, Keb’ Mo’, Jamie
Cullum, Eric Clapton and Paul Carrack, will appreciate Saxon’s rootsy and soulful vocal stylings and earnest, yet unpretentious songwriting. There is truly something for everyone on this ambitious and noteworthy recording.

Jersey born and bred Saxon spent much of the past 2 decades performing in the Los Angeles area, but has returned back to his Garden State roots. He has two other excellent and equally eclectic CD’s: the “unplugged” acoustic collection, “Me, Myself, And I” (Relevant RR 61206) and the fully-produced set, “The Spin” (Relevant RR 61205).

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The Spin

Jeff Saxon

Pop-based singer-songwriter album with Americana, blues, and blue-eyed soul leanings and thought-provoking lyrical substance

This 12 song collection of pop based songs stylistically strays into rock, blues, old-school R&B, country, folk and Americana. The unifying elements are Jeff's unique and soulfully-rendered vocals, his adept but not flashy fingerpicking, the sincerity and poignancy of the lyrics and the superb songwriting.
Fans of Don Henley, Bruce Hornsby, James Taylor or country artists Rascal Flatts or Phil Vassar will probably really like this recording.


Jeff Saxon is a diversely talented singer/songwriter/guitarist whose songs have earned him over 30 awards from various national and international songwriting contests. His dynamic and emotive high baritone voice, seamlessly-crafted multi-genre songs, and his spellbinding finger-style guitar playing are three of his most formidable musical calling cards.

While it’s difficult to attach a simple word or phrase to describe Jeff’s sound, one can easily detect its jazz and blues and old-school R&B leanings. He’s been compared with artists such as James Taylor, Bill Withers, Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Keb’ Mo’ and Don Henley.

Well-known and respected NJ-based artist manager and concert promoter, John Scher, once compared Saxon’s songwriting and vocal styles to “a very good early Steely Dan”. And John Braheny, author of the best-selling “The Craft And Business Of Songwriting”(Writer’s Digest Books) includes Jeff as “one of my favorite songwriters”.

Jeff grew up on the Jersey Shore and recently returned to those roots after spending the past 17 years in the Los Angeles area. Some of his L.A. performance highlights there included Genghis Cohen, Highland Grounds, Luna Park, The Independence Arts Festival and The Sounds Of The South Bay. Jeff also worked in the studio or shared the stage with well-known artists such as Dave Koz, Norman Brown, Hiroshima, N’Dea Davenport, Freebo, Dan Bern, and Little Richard.

Jeff’s catalog of over 350 songs and compositions spans virtually every genre, but many of his tunes are amalgams of pop, blues, jazz, R&B, country and rock. Quite a number of Jeff’s songs have appeared in film and TV, such as his delta blues tune, “48 Hours Of Ice”, which appeared in the 2003 indie feature, Banana Moon. Another placement, one that Jeff is particularly proud of, is the dynamic pop ballad, “Journey Of The Heart”, which was licensed by the N.C.A.A. (National Collegiate Athletic Association), who deemed it “the official anthem” of their NCAA Hall Of Champions facility in Indianapolis.

Other parts of the world have recently gotten a chance to hear some of Jeff’s music. The samba-driven Saxon composition, “Never Knew Love”, was released in early 2006 on a debut CD by new Belgian artist, Larry. The disc is titled “Just Call Me Larry…” and Universal Music Group, Belgium, is distributing it.

Jeff is currently booking solo performances to promote the release of this CD as well as his "unplugged" acoustic collection, “Me, Myself, and I”, also on his NJ-based indie label, Relevant Records.

For more information about Jeff Saxon please call (732) 359-6189, email: or visit
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