Jeff is not only an accomplished guitarist, but he's a highly experienced music instructor of students of any age, skill level or style preference. Jeff was recently named a Top Ten music instructor by lessons.com. 

Lessons with Jeff are customized to the student's preferences, needs, and experience.  And you get to learn what you want to learn, which makes the entire teaching process more fun and rewarding.

Jeff's guitar influences and skills are wide-ranging, but he's especially simpatico with the styles of famous artists such as James Taylor, Eric Clapton.Jim Croce, Kenny Rankin, Ry Cooder, Antonio Carlos Jobim, John Martyn, Earl Klugh, and Mark Knopfler, just to name a few.  But whatever styles and songs you're interested in learning, Jeff has the experience, the "chops' and the "ear" to teach it to you. 

Check out Jeff's versatile stylistic palette by listening to a snippet of his playing here:  montage_of_guitar_styles_Jeff_Saxon.mp3

Jeff offers lessons via Skype or FaceTime or similar means of video conferencing.  Payment can easily be made via PayPal once a lesson date and time are scheduled.   For pricing or more info, please email Jeff at info@jeffsaxonmusic.com or jeffsaxonmusic@yahoo.com




Even if you;re a total beginner and never played a stringed instrument before, Jeff can get you up and running on the uke and make it a fun experience.  And if you;re further along on the instrument, Jeff can help you take your uke playing to the next level by showing you cool chord voicings, chord substitutions, strumming patterns, licks and tricks, and much more.  All you need to start is a playable (and tuneable)  soprano, concert or tenor uke and the desire to learn.  All of the materials Jeff uses is written in tablature (aka tab) so if a student can't read music notation or opts not, they can still readily process and play the material.  Please get in touch for more info or to set up your first lesson. Payment is made simple via PayPal.  Drop Jeff an email at info@jeffsaxonmusic.com or jeffsaxonmusic@yahoo.com 

To hear Jeff playing the uke, check out the snippets of 2 original uke tunes, just click the New and Newsworthy button and find the entry called "The Ukulele Project"




If you're working on a song and stuck on where to go in order to finish it or feel you need a professional sounding board, why not book a songwriting lesson with Jeff. Jeff has taught songwriting and music business classes at music schools, colleges and universities such as Santa Monica college, Pasadena City College, UCLA Extension, The Harrison School Of Music,and many others.

Jeff has won over 40 awards in national and international songwriting competitions as well as 3 Best Music Video awards from film festivals. 

Jeff can offer you guidance with the music, the lyrics or both as well as provide you with tips and insights from his 40 years of writing and recording songs and placing them in film, TV, and artists.  Tap into Jeff's lifetime of songwriting expertise and get invaluable insights on how to complete your songs or rewrite your songs or just get a slew of new ideas to jumpstart your creativity and break out of ruts or dry spells.  Whether you're brand new to songwriting or you've written dozens of songs, Jeff can help you improve your craft and put you on a solid path to become a much better writer.  To check out some of Jeff's songs, click the Audio button on the home page and you'll be able to hear how Jeff crafts his songs.  If you like what you hear and would like to try a songwriting lesson, send Jeff an email at: info@jeffsaxonmusic.com or jeffsaxonmusic@yahoo.com



Lesson pricing for instruction on Zoom, FaceTime or Skype is $60.00 per hour, paid prior to the lesson.  45 minute lessons are $45.00.  Sorry, but no 30 minute lessons are offered.  In-person lessons are also available in a limited region of Western Washington state.  Prices are subject to change and mwy vary due to travel mileage., so please let me know your location and verify pricing before paying.  Lessons are payable in advance via Venmo, Chase Quickpay, Zelle, and PayPal, but first you must reserve a lesson day and time before you pay for a lesson.  Please send a list of 3 possible days/times and allow at least 5 business days for me to schedule your first lesson.

Please email me at info@jeffsaxonmusic.com for current lesson time availability and rates and I’ll respond as soon as possible.