The Ukulele Project

Jeff Saxon

An album with a lot of heart, soul and great original ukulele-based tunes on it; spanning a wide variety of styles including pop, soft rock, blues, reggae, bossa nova, R&B-Pop, and more.

"The Ukulele Project” is the debut ukulele-centric album release from award-winning singer-songwriter, Jeff Saxon. The 11 tracks not only accentuate Saxon's formidable talent as a songwriter/composer, but also shed light on his uke skills and instrumental and vocal versatility. The result is an impressive, highly-enjoyable set where bossa-nova, reggae, folk, pop, R&B, and blues tunes co-habitate beautifully and flow seamlessly from start to finish.

The smile-inducing opener, "Just The Thing To Put The Spring Back In You", sets the perfect tone for what's to come, with its relaxed and inviting jazz-bossa groove and tasteful playing by Saxon and keyboardist-percussionist-co-producer, Pat O'Donnell.

Another standout is "Slinkety Slank", an immediately-engaging and fun uptempo instrumental which artfully melds funk, blues and smooth jazz. Funky bass work from producer Keith Jones (Keb' Mo, Santana, etc.) and retro-hip, Billy Preston-esque organ from notable L.A. keyboardist Joey Navarro, really make this track cook.

There are also 2 very strong ballads; "Never Passé", with its heart-tugging theme of eternal commitment, and "Look For A Light", with its haunting hook and poignant words of comfort and solace for the increasingly turbulent times in which we live.

The album also contains a potential Christmas classic in "The Gift Of You", which touchingly tells about what's most important when it comes to giving holiday presents.

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