For much of 2019 I was busy working on the music for the pilot episode of "Outside The Box," an independently-produced sit-com. 

The show's production team initially contracted me to write a theme song, but it was so well received that they asked me to do all of the music.  That was a fun creative endeavor, as I got to write in a variety of styles, including Americana, jazz, blues, and funk.  I played all of the instruments and wrote and produced all the cues and songs. 

The twist to this show is that it's a dramatic comedy about a group of homeless people.  I was a bit dubious at first, as this seemed to be a controversial and perhaps insensitive pairing, especially considering  how pervasive and troubling homelessness has become.  But one of the "selling points" that helped convince me to participate in the project was that the producers reached out to some homelessness organizations and gotten their encouragement.   And the more I thought about it, I felt that a comedy actually might draw a broader viewing audience in and serve as a unique and formidable vehicle to increase awareness about this important issue. Time will tell. 

The pilot is currently being shopped to various programming entities who could potentially it and/or order additional episodes. It's also being entered in select film festivals.  And while I can't post the entire pilot episode of the show here on my site,  I have posted some links below that will get you to (unlisted) YouTube videos of a few of the scenes from the pilot:

Opening scene: 

Box and urn scene: 

The Transformation scene: 

Free Escort Service scene, seguing into Consolation scene:

Ben In Review scene with credit crawl (ending):

For more information on "Outside The Box," please visit the official website for the show @

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