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Uke Planet's wonderful review of The Ukulele Project"

Uke Planet, a well-regarded ukulele music review website based in the UK, just reviewed my album, "The Ukulele Project."                 I've been fortunate to receive quite a few gracious accolades about my 4 previous albums, but the kudos in this review easily eclipses them all.                 

It's a very gratifying feeling to put your work out there and have it generate such a glowing write-up.                                                   Many thanks to reviewer Mike Flaherty and Uke Planet.

Click to read the review:


The Ukulele Project CD...just released!






Jeff's song, "Teach Love", on Catch & Release Soundtrack album

I just got word that my song, "Teach Love", is featured in the latest Catch & Release video game and corresponding soundtrack album, available on iTunes and Apple Music.  The song can also be heard in its entirety on the YouTube video that is viewable here on my site.  Kudos and bravo to the Catch & Release powers-that-be for choosing a song with an incredibly important message for the times we live in.  Check it out:

"Lemonade Samba", available now

Here's a fun, relaxing, summery instrumental track that i wrote called "Lemonade Samba, that found it's way onto a compilation series called "The Beautiful Music Series", Chill Out Moods, Volume 1.  You can purchase it as a single with this iTunes link:

"Space Station 13509" cover and music video

Here's a new acoustic take on my song, "Space Station 13509", done by British singer/songwriter, Andy Tunstall.  I thought Andy came up with a cool acoustic take on the song and did a real nice job on both the track and video.  Here's a link to it:


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