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Jeff Saxon Music has been writing and producing jingles like these and they’ve aired on radio stations and television channels throughout the country. ServicesAdv_files/Jeff%20Saxon%20VO%20Demo%20%232.mp3

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Jeff Saxon Music, LLC is a production company offering a full complement of broadcast advertising services.

Music on-Hold:
Once you have a voice-over and/or jingle, why not put them to work on your on-hold phone service.  
For more info on this, click here.  MusicOnHold.htmlServicesAdv_files/Jeff%20Saxon%20VO%20Demo%20%232_1.mp3shapeimage_12_link_0

Jeff has been writing and recording compelling voice-overs for over two decades.  Having a commercial or ad campaign with a unique sonic identity can often be the difference between success and failure. Jeff is a man of many voices.

To listen to Jeff’s voice-over “reel”, click here.      

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In this day and age of cookie-cutter, mass-produced media solutions, what we offer is customized hands-on personalized service. With our 20 years of broadcast production experience, we do everything from conceptualizing, copy-writing and producing your ads to media buying.  While the creation and production of ads command separate fees, there is no additional charge to have us buy your airtime.  So since you pay no more, it doesn’t make sense not to hire us to represent you.


A slogan is a integral part of establishing a corporate identity and distinguishing your business or product from the competition.  Slogan development is one of our specialties.  For more information and pricing, click here.


While one of our specialties is jingle creation, we also offer distinctive, high-quality jingle-less radio ads.  These are more cost-efficient and can be turned around quickly.  Here are some examples.

“Music-driven ads that stand out and deliver”

  1.   WEGMANS

Television Ads:

We are pleased to announce the addition of television advertising services.  You can see an example of a recent commercial here.

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