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Prices start at $2,500.00 for a 60 second jingle earmarked for local radio use.  Jingle packages 
with a: :60, :30, stinger and music bed start at $4,500.00.  You can also lease a jingle starting at $1,000.00* 
if your use is limited to your website and/or on-hold telephone services.  * plus $200.00 lease fee annually. 

Copywriting services and voice-over production:
Prices range from the low of $400.00 to the high of $1,000.00 to write and voice one 30 or 60 second radio commercial.

An original slogan comes at no extra charge with the purchase of a jingle.  Without a jingle purchase, 
slogan prices are negotiable.

Media Buying:  
If you elect Jeff Saxon Music, LLC as your media buyer and/or ad agency, we will collect rates and ratings from various media outlets for you, meet with the sales reps at the stations and then make our presentation to you.

Music on-hold for telephone systems:  
Prices for a repeating 3-minute loop, including a music bed background, writing and voicing copy of up to 3 different 30-40 second announcements, range from $750.00 to $2,000.00.  If you are a jingle client of ours, we can create a loop combining your jingle with one additional voice-over message for $750.00.  Please note: We do not currently sell on-hold systems, so you need to have your own on-hold system and determine its capabilities before contracting with us. We can offer referrals of some local providers of them.

Custom written corporate theme songs (i.e. sometimes known as “industrials”):
Prices start at $2,000.00 for creation and production of a corporate theme song of 2 1/2 to 4 minutes.

Custom written songs for weddings, special occasions or special events:
The price depends on whether you would like the song performed live (acoustic guitar/vocal) or you want to have it fully produced (i.e. recorded).  Prices range from $750.00 to $3,000.00.

Live music performance for private parties:  
$300.00 for up to 3 sets (of up to 45 minutes each), $350.00 for 4 sets (of up to 45 minutes each).

Live music performances for restaurants or bars:
Negotiable, but generally a minimum of $200.00 for up to 3 sets (of up to 45 minutes each).

House Concerts:
A “suggested donation” of $15.00 per attendee is the norm (which goes exclusively to the performer). 
The only expenses incurred by the house party host/hostess are for promotion and refreshments (both usually very nominal).  Minimum: 15 guests.  Maximum: up to you and the size of your home.


Jeff Saxon Music, LLC, P.O. Box 323, Woodbridge, NJ 07095, (732) 239-8608,